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Forge a Stronger Bond With Your Dog

Visit our dog training center in Acushnet, MA

Training is good for your dog's behavior and wellbeing. MJ's Pet Training Academy teaches humans how to teach their dogs. You can bring your pet to our dog training center for classes and courses that promote good doggie behavior and positive reinforcement.

Here at MJ's, we strive to offer:

  • Fun and active dog training methods
  • Educational and enriching workshops (online available)
  • Custom training solutions for dogs

We emphasize mindful reinforcement, which means that your dog should be learning even outside of training hours. Outdoor play, feeding time and snuggle time can all be opportunities for reinforcing commands and good behavior.

Call 855-465-7782 now to find out about our dog training practices in Acushnet, MA or apply to be a dog trainer assistant.

Our flexible class passes are designed so that you can mix and match, attend more than one class each week or even miss a class when you go on vacation. Enroll in regular skills classes with your class pass, or purchase a single pass or course plan.

In addition to our dog obedience classes, we offer dog grooming services. You can book a grooming session by contacting us today.

What do you need to know about our training center?

The MJ's Training Center is located at 1 Titleist Dr. 1A in Acushnet. Training classes can be booked and paid for online. Please call us for private services and behavior case inquiries.

When you come to orientation, remember to leave your pup at home. Orientations are for humans only. Register now so you can start attending classes at our dog training center in Acushnet, MA.

Qualifications: LIMA Compliant, APDT Member, Canine Behavior Practitioner, World Scent Dog Association Instructor

Our Mission

Here at MJ's, we strive to offer:

Fun and active dog training
Educational and enriching workshops (online available)
Custom training solutions for dogs

Enrichment Series Worldwide

Enrichment Series Worldwide

Provide your dog with activities that meet the complex enrichment needs of canines. Train with us at our Acushnet training center or book private online coaching from anywhere!


Train your dog in both passive and active searches. Scent leagues train on World Scent Dog Association target odors as well as additional odors for other venues.

Scent work classes are held at the training center indoors, but we also go on outings for added variety.

These classes will help you and your dog take your working relationship to new levels with ultimate challenges.

ALL are welcome no matter your level of training.

Scent work provides pet dogs with a job and activity that they naturally enjoy.

Train with us in Acushnet or book online coaching with MJ no matter where you are located.



MJ's offers specialty courses that are designed for our clients. That means the possibilities are endless. Your courses are designed for you!



MJ's has been serving SouthCoast MA for over 7 years, bringing you exciting courses, new classes and positive grooming.



Over 1000 dogs have been groomed and/or participated in a class at MJ's since we opened in 2013. We can't wait to meet yours!


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