What is a Canine Good Citizen

Many refer to the Canine Good Citizen as an excellent achievement in dog training, a way to demonstrate that a dog has a foundation of obedience skills and manners. The CGC test is open to all breeds of dogs as well as mixed breeds. There are many reasons to obtain a CGC, but what exactly is it anyway?

This ten-skill test created by the American Kennel Club, helps owners demonstrate that their dog can listen to obedience instructions in a variety of situations. After passing the GCG, owners will submit their form to the AKC for a certificate and to have the letters “CGC,” added to their dog’s official name.

What are the test items?

In order to pass a CGC, dogs must pass each of the following test items.

  1. Accepting a Friendly Stranger
  2. Sitting Politely for Petting
  3. Grooming and Appearance/Grooming Acceptance
  4. Walking on a Loose Leash
  5. Walking Through a Crowd
  6. Sit and Down on Command and Stay in Place
  7. Coming When Called
  8. Reaction to Another Dog
  9. Reaction to Distractions
  10. Supervised Separation

What should dog owners know about the test?

No treats are allowed during the test! Your dog must learn to listen without a treat in sight.

What about dogs that do not pass?

If your dog does not pass the first time, you can retake the test at another time after some additional training.

Where can owners learn more about training and testing in Acushnet?

MJ’s Pet Training Academy trainers are trained in CGC prep with MJ being an AKC evaluator.

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