Training Talks: Free Demonstration and Discussion Wednesday

Join team MJ's for a free dog training demonstration and talk on Wednesday, August 24th at 1:00PM in Acushnet. 

Our training talks are impromptu discussions and demonstrations on a variety of topics. Please do not bring your dog for talks.

Tomorrow we will be talking about shaping techniques. Shaping can be used to teach your dog everything from entering a crate on cue, to tricks and obedience skills. 

If you want to become a master at shaping there are four essential skills to practice:

  • The ability to recognize patterns
  • Excellent timing
  • The ability to change reward delivery as needed
  • Reading Your Dog

Learn more about shaping games by joining us for this free, 45-minute talk during our "break" hour. 


Free Dog Training Talk in Acushnet 

The skills you will learn will help you become a better trainer. Shaping has value for all methods of training. If you are wondering how to crate train a puppy for a pup that does not enter the crate, how to teach your dog foundation skills for therapy dog training, how to train your dog a trick, or how to hone your skills as a trainer, shaping is an important concept to understand. 


What Time?

Join us at 1PM on 1 Titleist Dr. 1A  Acushnet


What to Bring:

Our training talks are held during regular business hours between classes and during grooming hours. Please do not bring your dog to this talk. We do recommend bringing a notebook and a pen. No video recording or streaming is allowed during talks.