Teaching the Next Generation: The Importance of Modern, Science-Based Dog Training

Dog training has come a long way in recent years, with new research and technology providing more effective and humane methods for teaching our best friends. Not only are techniques evolving, but the sports and activities we do with our dogs are too. 

MJ's is dedicated to be a part of the future of dog training through ongoing innovation, offering educational resources, and a commitment by all of our trainers to continuously learn and grow. ;

Our signature trickovation is just one of the many ways we do this.

It's important that we educate the youth on how to train dogs using modern, science-based methods to ensure that they grow up to be responsible and compassionate pet owners, but equally important that we ensure they have fun learning!  Since 2014 MJ's had been offering Junior Training Academy and specials for youth. We invite you to join the fun with your family! One of the most important things to understand about dog training is that positive reinforcement is key. Shaping, luring and capturing are imporant techniques for all handlers both adults and youth. Another important aspect of modern dog training is the use of clickers. Clickers are small devices that emit a distinctive sound when pressed, and they can be used to mark the exact moment when a dog performs a desired behavior. This helps the dog understand what they're doing right Trick training and scent training are also great ways to bond with your dog, and they also help to keep their minds active and engaged. Trick training involves teaching your dog to perform specific actions, such as rolling over, while scent training teaches them to use their sense of smell to locate specific targets. Our trickovation combines some of the most unique tricks with the classic tricks. These types of training are not only fun for your dog, but they also promote obedience and problem-solving skills. In conclusion, training our dogs using modern, science-based methods is not only beneficial for the animals but also for their human companions. It's important to educate the next generation on how to train dogs in a humane and effective way. Encouraging parents to sign their kids up for trick training or scent training classes is a great way to teach them how to be responsible and compassionate pet owners. By promoting these types of training, we can ensure that our four-legged friends are well-trained, well-behaved, and happy for years to come. For a limited time we are offering three FREE group classes to junior handlers. Please call the office to sign your child up for this free dog training opportunity.