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Teaching the Next Generation: The Importance of Modern, Science-Based Dog Training

Dental Care and Training for Dogs

Good dental care is an important aspect of overall pet health, and it's important to start training your dog to accept teeth cleanings at an early age. It can be challenging to get your dog to cooperate with the process without training....

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How to Groom Your Fluffy Dog: Tips From a Dog Groomer

Krystal Pacheco, professional dog groomer at MJ’s Pet Training Academy, shares some of her tips for doodles, poodles, and other coated breeds. Krystal finds choosing a “favorite” breed to groom rather difficult. She enjoys working...

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Saturday Snow Day Offer

Special Offer! Although in person services have been rescheduled tomorrow due to the upcoming blizzard, we have a special offer for you that can be purchased without leaving the comfort of your home. Treat yourself to this deal for dog training and...

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