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The Importance of Understanding Canine Anatomy and Musculoskeletal Systems for Professional Dog Trainers

This post is a part of our "Pro Support," hub and is intended for professional dog trainers working with dogs, but pet owners are invited to read and participate in discussions on this topic as well as others.   MJ's is committed...

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Teaching the Next Generation: The Importance of Modern, Science-Based Dog Training

The Benefits and Techniques of the Sit, Down, and Stand Drill for Your Canine Companion

One important drill that every dog should know is the sit, down, and stand routine. This exercise may seem simple, but it can actually be quite complex and requires careful training. Not only is this drill useful for competitive canine sports that...

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Dog Day Sale

Happy National Dog Day!   We know that every day is dog day for the MJ's fam, but we are celebrating anyway with a very special sale.  Call Us Add on to your class pass or start a new class with passes today for a special...

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Crate Training Puppies and Dogs

Should You Crate Train Your Puppy?   Having a crate set up in your home for a new puppy, can make house training more successful, but many new puppy owners wonder if crate training is in the best interest of their puppy. Dogs are social animals...

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