Training and Enrichment Classes in Acushnet, MA

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Teach Dogs Tricks and Better Behavior

Teach Dogs Tricks and Better Behavior

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Work through all levels of skills with your dog as you practice mindful reinforcement techniques. Group classes provide distraction opportunities that you can't get when you train on your own. Teach your dog to focus on you no matter what.

Class passes expire six months after purchase and are available for MJ's skills levels classes puppy through level three.

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Explore the courses available through our training center

Unlike dog obedience classes, which run all the time on a flexible schedule, other courses have a specific start and end date. Some of our specialty courses are only scheduled once a year while are scheduled on a regular basis. If you see a course that interests you, be sure to save your spot.

Our courses include:

  • Scent Detection all Levels
  • Dog Parkour
  • Trick Dog
  • Performance Dog
  • Chasers and Barkers
  • Hoop Heeling
  • Freestyle Heeling
  • Junior Training Academy
  • Confidence Games for Shy Dogs
  • Matching Concept Course

Can't make it to our training center? Distance coaching is available from our studio on a variety of training topics. Set up a private appointment to get the training information you need. We also offer private in-person coaching for obedience, sports, behavioral modification and more.

Teach your dog good manners

Behavioral concerns don't have to cause you stress. To get started, book an evaluation.

We host a variety of workshops and seminars, from our Play More series to workshops designed for other businesses and organizations. Contact us for information about private workshops or check out the schedule for workshops at the training center in Acushnet, MA.

The most convenient way to train and play

The most convenient way to train and play

Our classes are designed with some schedule flexibilty. Come to each level as long as you'd like to reinforce the skills you learn.

Class plans expire 6 months after purchase.

Obedience and Real Life-Skills Classes

Puppy Skills

Basic social skills and manners for puppies.

Obedience Level 1:
Practice shaping, luring and capturing techniques as you work through level one obedience and MJ's Skills

Obedience Level 2:
Fcoused Dog
Building on level one skills and adding distractions. Can your dog focus on you even in a challenging environment?

Obedience Level 3 (League)

Continue training with more advanced skills. In addition; play games, compete, and win prizes in the obedience league at level 3.