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What is a Canine Good Citizen

Many refer to the Canine Good Citizen as an excellent achievement in dog training, a way to demonstrate that a dog has a foundation of obedience skills and manners. The CGC test is open to all breeds of dogs as well as mixed breeds. There...

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Heelwork Practice

Practicing training drills is beneficial for your dog because it provides enrichment and bonding time with you! If you do not make the time to practice, you will not see changes in the training. It's that simple. If you have training goals, you...

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5 Ways to Improve the Novice Stand for Exam

The stand for exam is a practical exercise that can be used during grooming and vet care. It is also an important skill to master if you ever plan to compete in obedience. Your dog must learn to stand on cue and remain in the standing position while...

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